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Our Background


Chaninat and Leeds is a Bangkok-based international law firm handling cases throughout Thailand.

Chaninat and Leeds was first established as a Limited Partnership in 1997 by Thailand and American attorneys with decades of litigation and consulting experience. The firm was later incorporated as a Limited Company in 2001. The firm was originally located in the Nai Lert Building on Sukhumvit Soi 5. Due to expansion, the firm relocated to a larger office in the Trendy Building on Sukumvit Soi 13 in 2008. The firm is entirely attorney-owned and is operated by qualified Thai, US and UK lawyers.

Chaninat and Leeds' practice adheres to Bar Association Codes of Conduct and Professional Responsibility. Our focus is on providing dedicated professional services and maintaining long term relationships with our select clientele. We often provide litigation services and consultant services on Thailand legal matters to law firms, courts and agencies throughout the world. We advise Thai and international based corporate clients with their businesses and projects within Thailand as well providing assistance to private individuals with legal matters in or concerning Thailand.

1) Who are you?

We are a full-service Thailand law firm composed of licensed lawyers from Thailand and the United States. Our lawyers have decades of experience in both Thailand’s legal system and the legal systems of the USA, UK and other nations. We handle cases for businesses as well as individuals both in and outside Thailand.

2) Does your law firm employ Thai licensed lawyers? If so, are they experienced?

Our law firm hires only licensed lawyers and our senior partners are certified Thai barristers who have been practicing in Thailand for many years. Our senior litigators are battle-hardened courtroom veterans who are well-recognized experts in their respective fields. Some of them have published scholarly articles and provided advice to the legal community while others lecture at the top law universities in Thailand.

3) Are your attorneys fluent in both English and Thai?

Our lawyers as well as legal assistants are fluent in both English and Thai. This is especially important when the cases involve Thai and foreign nationalities.

4) Are your attorneys experts in their respective fields?

Our senior partners have written many law journals as well as legal publications in areas of their expertise. These publications have been widely used for legal research by many in the legal field. Examples include: textbooks on labor law, criminal procedure and evidence and family law. For more information, please visit the individual pages of our partners.

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