Thailand Criminal Code : Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Criminal Code

Part 1
General Provisions

 Title 1
Provisions Applicable to General Offences

Chapter 1

Section 1, in this Code

  1. “By dishonesty” means to in do an act order to receive any undue enrichment for himself or the other person.
  2. "Public way" means land or waterway used by the public for traffic, and includes a railway or tramway used for public transport.
  3. "Public place" means any place to which the public has a right of entry.
  4. “Residence” means a place used for habitat, such as a house, shed, vessel, or raft which a man uses for habitat. It also includes the area of the place used for habitat, whether it is enclosed or not.
  5. "Arm" means and includes anything which is not a weapon by nature, but can be used or intended to be used as a weapon for causing severe bodily harm.
  6. "To commit an act of violence" means to do an act of violence against the body or mind of a person, whether it is by physical force or by any other means. It is also included any act causing any person to be in a state of being unable to resist whether it is by using drug that  causes intoxication,  hypnotism, or by any other similar means.
  7. "Document" means any paper or other material used for expressing meaning by letters, figures, plans, or any other design, whether it is by printing, photographing, or any other means, which is evidence of such meaning.
  8. "Official document" means a document made or authenticated by an official when he is in his duty, and also includes any copy of such document authenticated by an official when he is in his duty.
  9. “Document of right” means any document which is the evidence of the creation, modification, transfer, reservation, or extinction of a right.
  10. "Signature" includes a fingerprint and mark put to a document by a person for his signature.
  11. "Night" means the interval between sunset and sunrise.
  12. “Custody” means the restraint, keeping in custody, detention, confinement, or imprisonment.
  13. “Ransom” means property of benefit demanded or given in exchange for the liberty of the person who is taken away, held, or confined.
  14. 3“Electronics Card” means;
    a) Any documents or material in any description whether the issuer has issued to the person entitled to use no matter the name has been specified or not. Such material contains data or cipher noted by applying and using the electron, electricity, electromagnetic wave or any way in the same nature including the apply and use the ways of light or magnet to be presented by any letters, figures, ciphers or symbols either able to be seen by bare eyes or not.
    b) Data, cipher, account number, any set numbers of electronics or figures which issuer has issued to the person entitled to use which has not issued any other document or material apart from this but there is the way to use in the same manner as a), or
    c) Anything else to be used in expressing the relation between the person and the electronic data which uses to specify the owner.
  15. 4 “Passport” means personal document regardless of whether it is issued by the Thai Government, Foreign Government, or International Organization and regardless of its characteristic   for a person in order to present himself when travel between countries and includes any substitute document for a passport and the passport form which the information of holder has not been filled.
  16. (16) “Official” means a person who is stipulated by law to be an official. or has been appointed by law to perform official duties whether on a regular basis or from time to time and whether or not they are paid
  17. * “Child pornography” means an object or thing that has been shown to be known or seen. Sexual acts of a child or a child who is not over eighteen years of age in which their image, subject or nature can convey go in an obscene way whether in the form of documents, drawings, prints, paintings, prints, photographs, advertisements, marks, photographs, movies, sound recordings, tape recordings, or any other similar format. and shall include the above objects or things stored in the system. computer or other electronic device that can be displayed to understand the meaning.
  18. “Malignantly” means to act to satisfy the desire of the doer. By using the offender's genitals, genitals, anus, or oral cavity of another person.

Unofficial translation by Chaninat and Leeds, Thai Attorneys