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Thailand Criminal Code 2022

Act Promulgating The Criminal Code

Part 1 General Provisions

Title 1 Provisions Applicable to General Offences

Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 2 Application of Criminal Laws
Chapter 3 Punishments and Safety Procedures
Chapter 4 Criminal Liaility
Chapter 5 Attempt to Commit an Offence
Chapter 6 Principals and Supporters
Chapter 7 Concurrence of Offences
Chapter 8 Recidivism
Chapter 9 Prescription

Title 2 Provision Applicable to Petty Offences

Part 2 Offences

Title 1 Offences Relating to the Security of the Kingdom

Chapter 1 Offences against the King, the Queen, the Heir-apparent and the Regent
Chapter 2 Offences against the Internal Security of the Kingdom
Chapter 3 Offences against the External Security of the Kingdom
Chapter 4 Offences against the Relationships with Foreign Countries

Title 1/1 Offences Relating to Terrorization

Title 2 Offences Relating to Public Administration

Chapter 1 Offences against Officials
Chapter 2 Malpractice in Government Service Positions

Title 3 Offences relating to the Justice

Chapter 1 Offences against the Judicial Officials
Chapter 2 Malpractice in Judicial Office

Title 4 Offences relating to Religion

Title 5 Offences relating to Public Peace

Title 6 Offences relating to Causing Public Dangers

Title 7 Offences relating to Counterfeit and Alteration

Chapter 1 Offences Relating to Currencies
Chapter 2 Offences Relating to Seals, Stamps, and Tickets
Chapter 3 Offences Relating to Document
Chapter 4 Offences Relating to Electronic Card
Chapter 5 Offences Relating to Passport

Title 8 Offences Relating to Trade

Title 9 Offences Relating to Sexuality

Title 10 Offences against Life and Body

Chapter 1 Offences Causing Death
Chapter 2 Offences against Body
Chapter 3 Offences of Abortion
Chapter 4 Offences of Abandonment of Children, Sick Persons, or Aged Persons

Title 11 Offences against Liberty and Reputation

Chapter 1 Offences against Liberty
Chapter 2 Offences of Disclosure of Secrets
Chapter 3 Offences of Defamation

Title 12 Offences against Property

Chapter 1 Offences to Theft and Snatching
Chapter 2 Offences of Extortion, Blackmail, Robbery and Gang-Robbery
Chapter 3 Offences of Fraud
Chapter 4 Offences of Cheating Against Creditors
Chapter 5 Offences of Misappropriation
Chapter 6 Offences of Receiving Stolen Property
Chapter 7 Offences of Mischief
Chapter 8 Offences of Trespass

Title 13 Corpse Offense

Part 3 Petty Offences